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Criminal Minds Icontest

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An icon challenge community for the tv show Criminal Minds

This is an icon challenge community for the television series Criminal Minds. Please join and participate!
The community is moderated by drop_down_dead and britt_m_89 who both thank twinsfan33 for creating an awesome community and astral_angel for all her outstanding work keeping this community alive.
Header created by dumbstruckk

Challenge Guidelines

a] You need to be a member to participate, so join up
b] You may use any picture you like, unless pictures are provided, in which case you must use those
c] You may submit a total of four (4) icons per challenge
d] Icons must remain anonymous until winners have been posted, so you can't post your icons anywhere else or tell people which icons are yours.
e] Animation is not allowed. no exceptions.
f] Blending of images are allowed, as long as b is followed.
h] Entries need to be to LJ standards i.e. 100x100px and 40kb or under.
i] Your icon must be your own work, plagiarism applies to graphics as well.
j] Please enter by commenting to the challenge post, include your icon image and a url;


Challenge timelines & Voting:

- Challenges will run from Sunday through to Saturday.
- Voting will go up on Saturday night and run through till Monday.
- All times will be in PST .
- You are not allowed to vote for your icons. seriously. doing so will get you disqualified and make your mods sad.
- You may pimp voting and tell your friends that they can vote in the contest. You may not tell them which icons are yours.
- Votes will be weighted. i.e. the icon you vote for in first place will be given three points, second place will receive two points and third place will receive one point.
- Depending on the number of entries, there will be special categories for voting. These will include text, colouring, etc, etc.
- Depending on the number of entries, a mod's choice will be chosen.

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